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Board Elements

1. Recording game metadata

The metadata for each game includes the names or initials for each player, the data the game was played, and rule and metric choices. Players and game date should be filled in before the game starts. Other metadata elements are explained below.

2. Selection board

The board is a grid of squares that include letters that represent metadata elements, F, A, I, and R in the FAIR game. Players move on the board to select metadata elements.

The start area consists of four squares identified by a set of four blue arrows in the center of the board.

3. Metadata Repository

The metadata repository consists of ten records (columns) that include four elements (rows). In this case the elements are Findable (F), Accessible (A), Interoperable (I), and Reusable (R).

The top row of the repository is used for recording metrics for each record.

4. Metric Record

The last player records metrics after each round in the metrics area. There is one row for each round.